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Patented and Proven Biodiesel Production

        Biodico’s patented MPU technology is built around the core competency of biodiesel production and is based on 20 years of R&D that continues to this day. MPU’s are able to take a wide variety of used and virgin fats and oils and convert them into biodiesel fuel that can be burned in any diesel engine with little or no modification. Feedstock flexibility allows for MPU technology to be implemented in a decentralized manner and to utilize local and regional feedstocks throughout the world.

In order for biodiesel to be sold on the market it must meet ASTM specification D 6751. Quality control is of utmost importance in the biodiesel industry and the specification is extremely important to foster a thriving industry and satisfied customers. Traditional testing is very time consuming though and places a bottleneck conventional processing methods. By spectroscopically testing the fuel production process as the reaction is taking place and by using EMF driven interphase monitoring techniques Biodico is able to produce fuel three times faster than conventional processes allow.

MPU technology is also designed to allow for the integration of mutually advantageous energy production techniques such as gasification of inedible seed meal, anaerobic digestion of treated glycerin, onsite oil extrusion, cultivation of algae (algaculture), and solar thermal cogeneration. This allows for not only a heat and power self-sufficient energy island, but one that can export back to the grid.