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Biofuel Bioenergy Biochemicals

ARIES Fundamentally Transforms Biofuel Production

        ARIES© is the latest development in a long line of Biodico technological breakthroughs and has been developed with Aerojet, an industry leader in space exploration, propulsion and guidance systems.   ARIES© enables a central facility to provide technical support, monitoring and operational control on a global basis, coupled with real time sensing of essential process control parameters.  Traditional, time consuming and expensive quality control procedures are replaced by specifically developed in-line sensors and controls driven by advanced automation technology.  The result is higher efficiency, greater reliability, enhanced quality control, improved productivity and reduced cost.  ARIES© is the backbone for an evolving network of globally distributed bioenergy systems.

           A further component of ARIES© is the capacity to support Integrated Energy Systems.  This capability allows biodiesel production not only to be energy self-sufficient, but also to generate excess power and heat to support local communities. As part of vertically integrated agricultural feedstock production, ARIES© becomes a powerful tool for community based sustainable energy and green economic growth.  ARIES© Energy Islands can bring power to remote communities and help all communities reduce their dependency on fossil fuels. The ARIES©’ sustainability model substantially reduces greenhouse gases and provides greater energy and economic security.